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I tell stories about people who are not seen or heard enough to offer them a reflection in this world.

Aude Konan

Growing up, writing quickly became an irrepressible need. I became fascinated with the idea of deciphering human lives, to explore their highs and lows and dilemmas. What drives me is creating stories that are a mirror to the way we live and making my audience reflect on societal issues and the way they evolve in the world they live in. I used storytelling in many forms (screen, books, etc) because it's such a powerful tool that has barely any limitations.

My writing career began early on, once I got the writing bug. As a child writer, I won a dozen of French literary contests and published many short story in anthologies. I’ve published my first novel, a children's book called "Ma Petite Soeur" in 2014 with Dagan Editions, a publishing house. 

I've written articles in French and English that have been published in national and international magazines and webzines such as Okay Africa, Complex Mag Uk, Media Diversified, Amina, Style Caster and more.

As a filmmaker, I have written, directed and also collaborated on many short films My latest short, Me Too, is going to be out in 2023.

I am also an alumni of the Soho Writers Lab, Talawa TYPT and the Royal Court's Introduction to Playwriting and two of my plays have been put on stage at the Stratford East Theatre and the Embassy Theatre in London in 2015.


 I work as a speaker and creative consultant and have led creative workshops in the UK and Europe for companies and arts organizations like Stonewall UK, Expedia UK, Amnesty International, UK Black Pride and more.

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