Random Stuff

I'll try to write and post some of my poems and lyrics written in english that  you can find here. Here's a nice one:

If you treat them nicely,he says you are in love with him; If you don't,he says you are proud. If you dress nicely,he says you are trying to lure him; If you don't ,he says you are from Kampunc. If you argue with him,he says you are stubborn; If you keep silent,he says you have no brains. If you are smater than him,he will lose face; If he is smarter than you ,he is great,but you are fool. If you don't love him,he tries to possess you; If you love him,he will try to leave you. If you tell him your problem,he says you are troublesome; If don't ,he says that you don't trust him.

Contradictions of men (and i wish i've written this piece of art, but the songs i've written can be founded here ) Right now, i'm waiting, listenning to Arcade Fire thanks to a really nice person. I have no castings, shooting or answers from publishing houses. I'll be 18 and 11 months tomorrow and soon 19, it scares me only one year and i'll be an old twenty something! Anyway, i'm on the verge of becoming the cool girl i've always wanted to be and i hang out with the coolest kids in Paris. This doesn't bring happiness, but i have fun and well, i like my life.