Say hi to Forever

Away (december 09) Will i ever see you again?

Have you thought about your lovely ones?

All the people who miss you, everyday?

Day by day memories of you flies away.

And here we are now

Alive, don't have other choices

To keep on what seemed to you unbereable

The guilty on our elbrows

We couldn't stop you

We couldn't help you

We couldn't save you

It's everyone's fault

Nobody is guilty

And when you're gone

Part of us is missing forever

and your death makes me understand

I just don't wanna die, not now, not yet the end

Now I understand you

Better than I ever did but it's too late

You were a diamond,smart golden girl,

But were the only one who didn't know

Now i just want so much to hug you, wanna take your pain

You shouldn't have leave

Now that i live your life

Your loneliness, hopeless, paranoid feelings surround me

Nothing happenned the way it should be

I can't stop crying, still can't help but hope that...

Your face slightly disappear

And today i wonder « Dmonster...who? »

Has that illness an end?

Will i ever see you again?


Since "i like to fork myself" is closed, there's a kind of a tribute blog:

last winter was a ****ing hard time for me like every winter