Give me 4 weeks and I will teach you how to to be empowered through writing 

Writing as Self-Care:


An upcoming course for people who want to learn how to write ad create a daily habit for self-care


But what does self-care mean if you come from an underprivileged background and don’t have the time or the money? How do you take care of yourself?

I have helped many clients all over the world rekindle the love they used to have for writing. I devised unique, tailor-made strategies for them to learn how to write about themselves and people sharing similar identities.

Did you use to write as a child and then gave up because you never had the time?


Are you someone who wants to know how to write?


Are you stressed, overworked and don’t know how to take time for yourself? To relax?


Any of these sound familiar?


You’re not alone in this.


It’s easy to feel vulnerable and lost when you want to write and don’t know how to start. Or when you’re feeling down, exhausted and that you know you have to take time for yourself. But you simply don’t know how.


Learning how to write and learning how to do self-care are not mutually exclusive.

And that’s why I created this course.


Whether you want to go back to writing, learn how to take care and treat yourself, my upcoming course Writing as Self-Care helps you to:


•To learn the magic of storytelling

•To improve your mental health by writing about yourself

•To find the joy in writing

•To build your confidence


My course is here to help you live a more relaxed life, have more confidence in yourself, and feel empowered through writing.


Because you deserve it.


You don’t need to attend my workshops to learn


You will learn how to create and keep a writing diary, learn how to heal with writing, learn how to find time for yourself every day, learn how to write regularly.


No time to take a course? You’ll love it!


The course has been created for busy people who barely have time to take care of themselves because life gets in the way. You won’t need to take another course and you don’t need to pay a monthly membership that will be a waste of time. The course is flexible. You can finish it whenever you can. Absolutely no time limit!


Once you start, the course is yours:


•You can go back to go over a lesson previously learned

•Use the content and templates to start a self-care writing diary

•You can apply the writing technique to start working on another project like a novel, a short story, or a poem.

•You have an exclusive 1:1 30 minutes call with me including a writing coaching session


Every week, new lessons and content will be added.

That way, the course you buy will increase value with time.

“I was amazed at how quickly and effectively Aude got us writing fluently and effectively. I was initially sure I would have nothing to say but the thoughtful and supportive atmosphere she created inspired me to think, imagine and communicate. In just a short while I had thought out and expressed clearly ideas that had lain half-formed and buried. ”


participant at the Amnesty International East Anglia conference

“Aude’s workshop was a great opportunity for us to dedicate some time to writing and considering stories. Some interesting discussions came out about how each of us defined ‘queer stories’, and it was great to use those discussions and Aude’s guidance to influence our writing decisions.


Client Account Manager, Stonewall Uk

Young Man Laughing

Aude Konan facilitated a LGBT+ history month themed writing workshop for us. Aude is a brilliant facilitator. They listened to our groups needs and tailored a workshop about writing queer stories to engage our attendees. Our group thoroughly enjoyed thinking about character and story development. Many of our group attendees hadn’t done much creative writing, but Aude created a calm and non judgemental environment for us to express ourselves. Thank you Aude, and we hope you’ll facilitate something for us again very soon! 


Vish, Chair, Glitter Cymru.


Why is Writing as self-care different from other writing courses?


Most writing courses out there don’t focus on people who are not cis, straight, men. 

This course will teach you how writing has been a powerful instrument for minorities for years, how taking care of yourself as someone from a misrepresented background is an act of resistance, allow you to tell your own stories and exist in the world. And yes, with this course you’ll learn how to write even with a busy life! 


You can do it on your own time, any time.

What’s possible with Writing As Self Care?


Writing as self-care has been created for people who want to learn how to write, especially women of color and/or LGBTQ+.

Anyone who doesn’t have the time to sit through hundreds of writing courses and books and wants to know how being able to express themselves the pain of not knowing how to take care of themselves


Is Writing as self-care for you?


What you will get from this first time offered course:



Secret and exclusive methods to teach you how to get inspiration

Helping Hand Icon

Online Support

Be part of a Facebook group wih other participants who will support and help you



To have your lessons with you everywhere


Joy of Writing

Discover the joy of writing and how to find time to write

Paper Plane


Learn all about the power of storytelling and how to tell YOUR stories

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Coaching Session

A 30 minutes 1:1 call with an exclusive writing coaching session

I created Writing as self-care after years of teaching clients all over the world how to write and finally get the representation they have been longing for. I have worked with people from marginalized communities, people of color and/or LGBTQ+ and/or disabled who had difficulties writing about themselves and for themselves because they didn’t have a reflection in this world.


My workshops are unique and insightful and give my clients, sometimes for the first time in their life, the tools and time to create stories and characters that look like them. 

However, one thing exasperated me: not being able to help more people who were facing creative blocks, didn’t know how to take care of themselves during difficult times and most importantly don’t know how to write creatively.


My approach is straight-forward and authentic: I understand my clients and their cultural background in order to provide the best courses. We can write about anything and my method shows you that. So I gathered all the workshops I did over the years and gathered them in one place: Writing as Self-Care, an affordable and exclusive course for you.

With my years of experience as a writing teacher and coach and the proven results overnight for my clients, I am the best person to help you and teach you how writing as self-care is what you need now.


A bit about me, your instructor:


• As a former child writer, my short stories have been published in France in anthologies for the past decade. My first novel “Ma Petite Soeur” has been published in December 2015 by Dagan Editions.


• I have written and directed half a dozen short films, for production companies such as Busy Kiwi and the BFI Future Film shorts. I am a bilingual writer, creating stories in English and French.


• I have written articles for The Guardian, Ok Africa, Complex Magazine, Media Diversified, Londonist, Amina, and more. 

•As a playwright, I’m an alumni of Talawa Theatre TYPT 15, the Soho Theatre Writers Group and the Stratford East Young Artist Lab and The Royal Court’s Introduction to playwriting and worked with the theatre company ALT to write monologues performed at the Southwark Playhouse.

• As a workshop leader, I have led creative and diversity events for clients such as Expedia UK, Amnesty International UK, UK Black Pride, and more in the UK and Europe. 


• With my years of experience as a writing teacher and coach and the proven results overnight for my clients, I am the best person to help you and teach you how writing as self-care is what you need now.

I usually deliver this course as one-off workshops with corporate clients of charities. Many of the attendees love it but it was longer or that we could delve deeper into the subject. Well, here is your chance to have fully, exclusive access to my course.


What’s inside?


Module 1:

•How to Write Every day

Module 2: 

•Writing about one yourself

Module 3:

•The art of storytelling

Module 4:

•Writing a diary

The course is still under construction so click on the link below to register to my newsletter and be among the first ones to get exclusive access and a discount code!

Get started now


Once the course is launched, you’ll be the first one to know.


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Course Price


Course length

2 Hours


Course Name 01

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Course Price


Course length

2 Hours