Creative and diversity workshops

What I do:

I'm also a workshop leader, specializing in diversity and creativity training and workshops for businesses, members of the public, organisations in Europe and in the UK such as Amnesty International, Encompass Network, La maison des Metallos, etc.

My goals:

  • to empower people by showing them how to use their creative skills in their day to day lives

  • to spark more creativity in their lives

  • to make businesses more inclusive

How do i do it:

I use inclusive, dynamic techniques to help people tap into their inner creative and come up with original, unique ideas, whether it is for themselves or for the business they work for.

I help to increase employees' productiveness and make businesses more inclusive by combining diversity workshop with creative ones. 

I believe that sparking creativity among people just leads to healthier workplaces in any industry.

My subjects include: writing queer stories, how to tell diverse stories, writing as a form of activism, etc.

The outcomes of my creative approach might  be a better productivity, innovation, new and improved ways of thinking at work and outside. It can lead, in some cases, to hiring approaches that are more inclusive.

You might be someone willing to make your business more diverse and inclusive, or you might want to improve your employees’ well being by giving them the opportunity to learn new creative skills, you might be experiencing a creative block, etc 

If so, I am here to help you work more creatively and productively.


I was amazed at how quickly and effectively Aude got us writing fluently and effectively. I was initially sure I would have nothing to say but the thoughtful and supportive atmosphere she created inspired me to think, imagine and communicate. In just a short while I had thought out and expressed clearly ideas that had lain half-formed and buried.” 

Sarah, workshop participant at the Amnesty International East Anglia conference, March 2019


Personal coaching:

I also give personal in depth advice and guidance for people who want to learn how to write or write again. Whether or not you’re starting or have been writing by yourself for a while, I’m here to empower you and guide you so that your stories will reach a wide audience. To find out more, visit my Patreon: 


Je coache également des clients qui souhaitent apprendre à écrire, recommencer à écrire ou apporter plus de créativité dans leur vie. Quel que osit votre ca,s j’ai une oslution pour vous, et suis la pour vous montrer comment structurer vos textes et qu’ils atteingnent une audience la plus large possible. Pour en savoir plus, allez sur mon Patreon: